the fairy

The sparrows are my alarmclock,

the sun my wake-up cue,

and every single morning I wash myself in the dew.

Flitting through the air

the clouds twisting braids in my hair.

A smile upon my face

I in the world’s embrace.

The trees reach out to me with their leafy arms,

I laugh and dance out of reach

but soon I grow tired so I land and rest on a peach.

After this I fly to a flower.

My fingers run down the petals.

The pollen makes me sneeze

and as I sit there I chat with wayward bees.

My friend the spider weaves me a skirt

and also a matching shirt.

I dance to the coming twilight

and welcome the approaching night.

And then as the dusk gathers I launch myself in flight

again back to my leaf

where I lay down soon to be asleep.












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