Animals Are Feelings Beings Too

Yes they are smaller.
Yes we are taller.
Who said we were better?

They all close their eyes, refuse to see,
They think it doesn’t exist anymore, and no one asks:
Who invented our right to abuse,
Those that rely on us for food?

I really want to cry when I see scrawny cats slinking
through garbage filled alleys and shrinking
away when I hold out some food

I want to shake those people out there, yell out to them:
How can you stand as those puppy dog eyes
change from loving adoration to savage surprise?!?
And they start evolving right before you know
you hit them, beat them and it starts to show.

Those kittens some drown in old burlap sacks.
I hope that they haunt them to forever and back.
How could you?! That mewling, those fuzzy faces,
Bright eyes dimming just to appease
your cold, uncaring voluminous greed.

The horses you use to canter, gallop, trot.
I’m sure some of you care, while others do not,
when they go to a barn full of old dirty straw
and lay down before they have the chance to fall.
To lisp up some hay, full of thistles and mold.
Resigned to the fact that’s how they’ll grow old.
And when they do it won’t be to a field
of clovers and frolicking butterflies,
no they’ll be turned into dog feed.

Do you bristle when they announce:
“They’re simply dumb brute-beasts,
fit only for working or providing us feasts.”

You should spring up and point at them, crying: “You,
Animals are feelings beings too.”

Inspired by the blogger Animals Are Feeling Beings Too

Feel free to reblog (just please give the credit to me) and tag #stopanimalcruelty





8 thoughts on “Animals Are Feelings Beings Too

  1. Kathy says:

    That is the heart of our blog, Shepherding All God’s Creatures (blog and facebook page, as well as prayer group). If you are interested in the prayer group, you can find the link on both the blog and FB page, come and join us as we pray for animals and all the situations that God cares about especially relating to them; and we’d love to have you follow us on the blog/FB page, too!

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