Addicted To Words

I’m addicted to words,

so addicted to words.

They taste like cheesecake and chocolate,

strawberry sunshine and cold winter days by the fire to me.

Ink, bleed, despair, hurt, rain

can be made into beautiful sentences,

I bleed inky despair and hurt into the world like rain.

Pages, life, misunderstood, polka-dot, colors,

The polka-dot colored pages of my life are more than misunderstood.

Silver, shine, windows, inner-demons, destory,

The silver shine from those rare windows destroy me and leave inner-demons.

Run, fall, river, carry, high-heels, fantasy,

I run and fall in those tall high-heels, why must I be carried from my fantasy?

Dissect all these phrases, pull out the hidden patterns.

Drown in their mysterious beauty, drown in their mysterious pain.

Addictions are not safe, word-addicts trade their sanity for words.

And they float through the skulls bouncing from bones to bones,

all those darling, cruel, deep, shallow, scary words.



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