Disney tag

  1. Favorite Princess: Rapunzel, Moana, Mulan
  2. Favorite Prince: Flynn Rider
  3. Favorite Sidekick: Mushu
  4. Favorite Disney movie: Lion King
  5.  Cutest Disney guy: Flynn Ryder and Aladdin
  6. Favorite Disney Villian: Maleficent
  7. Favorite Live Action Disney movie: So far that I’ve only watched Cinderella, but I think I’ll really like Beauty and the Beast.
  8. Favorite Disney horse: Khan
  9.  Favorite Non-Human Disney Character: Timba and Simon
  10. Which Disney Princess Dress would you wear to prom? Tiana’s wedding dress

Consider yourself tagged!!

(I forgot to credit this, sorry sis, please don’t kill me. Okay this is my sister’s tag, Idea Girl be her word press name. Don’t check her out, she almost choked me)


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