Teddy Bear Knight

They can’t catch me,
that’s what he claimed.
Of protecting his little girl,
he was not ashamed.

He was the Teddy Bear Knight.
Defending her from monsters at night,
keeping them away ’til the first drop of light.
He was like Arthur, he knew wrong from right.

The dolls they ran, the barbies ran.
The stuffies (koalas, adorable kitties) they ran too.
To the door, where they cowered and lay.
They wouldn’t go back at all,
and when she woke she found them, against the wall.

But Teddy Bear Knight, all through dark hours.
Fought and battled that dark power.
Wooden sword in cotton-filled hand.
Defending the bed, like it was his land.

The monster had terrible purple skin.
Sharp teeth, black eyes, I don’t know where to begin.
The sword in our brave bear’s hand, seemed a pin
to the largeness of this picture of sin.

He wanted to whisper, into her ear,
horrible things that would bring her to tears.
He wanted to launch a long-lasting fear,
one that would haunt her up through the years.

But the brave bear wouldn’t let him get near,
he was faithful and knew no fear.
The knight never stopped, flashing his sword,
he never stopped growling those words.

“You will never win.”

The stuffing flew, as the teeth caught his arm,
but the teddy bear never stopped fighting.
He didn’t fight for fame of for glory,
he didn’t fight to be put in a story.

He fought ’cause he loved,
’cause he loved way too much.
he fought for he wanted his little girl to believe,
that closing your eyes leads to peaceful sleep,
not fear of the night or the dark shadows.

That’s why our small teddy bear deserves a halo.

(Copyright Leona Petrovic)


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