So hard to remember that word: Hope.

She tries to hope for a better day tomorrow,

but it never comes.

She doesn’t realize that hoping isn’t enough,

that she has to do something to make a difference.

So what does she expect, of course it will never come.

Not if she stay quiet and scared, stays meek,

but she never will stop hoping, and hoping is all she does.

As suggested by Poetry Lover @ https://poetry2473.wordpress.com/ for the “A Poem A Day Challenge.” Check out her blog for poetry, and quotes.

2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. PoojaG says:

    Yes it’s not just about hoping for something- it’s about getting up going out and getting what you want! Everyone has dreams and ambitions but how many people actually go out there and fight for what they want!

    Liked by 1 person

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