Lady of the Law~Short Story

Thousands of years ago when humans were a young and magical race there lived a girl. Her name was Julianna and her family was important in the land where she lived. They were almost as important as the King. They were The Law. If anyone misbehaved they were dealt with by her parents very strictly. Extremely strictly. Not with jail sentences, or penalties. No, their limbs were cut off or they were blinded or tortured by magic. And, as often was the case, executed in painful ways.

Julianna had a twin brother and both of them were instructed for their future roles: To uphold the law and bring justice to the land. To maim and execute when necessary. To help the King keep order in the land.

Julianna took to her assigned role happily but her brother did not. He cried when they had to practice on small, helpless slave children. His parents yelled at him and Julianna laughed at his weakness.

When they were 15 years old it was time for the Trials. They would each be brought a person who had broken The Law and assigned to punish them. But they also had to decide on the punishments as well as go through with them.

All the aristocracy filled the amphitheater and Julianna and her brother were in the waiting area, waiting to enter the space where they were to do the Trials.

As they waited Julianna’s brother begged her, “Juli, please don’t kill your criminal! Don’t torture them, grant them mercy. Please, Juli, please?” And he began to cry quietly.

She shoved him against the stone wall of the tunnel in anger, “Don’t you dare, Arren. You are weak. I am strong, strong enough to uphold The Law. You do not deserve this privileged position. Shut up or I will send you to hell.”

He did not respond for they were called to enter. Julianna smoothed her long red dress, her chest rising and falling. Her fierce dark eyes glared ahead and her raven hair was cut violently at her chin. Her brother’s hands were shaking.

Julianna was to go first. She was brought to a shackled girl slightly older than she. This girl seemed to be from a richer family, judging by her clothes.

Julianna’s mother, the Supreme Lady of the Law, announced, “The daughter of Lady and Lord Berrington. Her crime is…”

Julianna cut her off, “Let her state her own crime.”

The girl calmly kept staring at the other prisoner, another girl and also seeming to be rich. “I fell in love. I fell in love with a girl. She is beautiful and kind and she makes me happy. I wish she were safe, I would gladly give my life so she could live. I would take ten thousand years of torture if you would spare her. Do to me what you wish, just please, please spare her life. Please.” Julianna was indifferent to her begging.

“You know such a relationship is a sin. You know it betrays the way men and women were made to be married and it is only below murder of a King in its severity. You are atrocious and deserve death!”

The crowd cheered. The girl’s parents cheered. Julianna’s mother cheered. And the girl’s love screamed and screamed louder than all their cheers put together.

Julianna closed her eyes and thought of how she would end this monster’s life. With a twist of her hands she made a noose of magic, invisible, and suspended the girl above the ground. The shackles weighted her down and she choked and gurgled and died.

Now it was Julianna’s brother’s turn. The Lady of the Law announced again, “The daughter of Lord and Lady Darian, her crime is…..”

Arren cut her off, and gently spoke to the shocked girl, “What is your crime, my dear.”

“Love, my crime is love,” she screamed. Arren watched her sadly. He turned to the crowd and said, “That is no crime. To love is beautiful and pure. This girl deserves no punishment.”

Before they could even react he made a motion with his hands and the shackles opened and in a flash the girl was gone.

“I have sent her where she will be safe,” he told the crowd, “And where you cannot harm her with your hate.”

In a scream of rage Julianna struck him to the ground, where he lay trying to shield himself. His mother and father hurled magic at him with anger and rage in their eyes, they were embarrassed. Julianna though was the one who ripped past the shield and deftly ended his life.

She turned to the crowd and announced, “My brother went against The Law. He was a failure and I gave him the end he deserved.”

The crowd cheered. And Julianna was appointed a Lady of the Law as her brother’s shocked and sad eyes watched on, unseeing yet seeing all.

©2017 Leona Petrovic, All Rights Reserved



4 thoughts on “Lady of the Law~Short Story

  1. painolettavioletta says:

    I really like how you portrayed the plot! Also, the brother reminds me of America from The Selection, and I like it a lot. Nice work Leo, I would like more stories like this, it portrays how society might see things different than one individual.

    Liked by 1 person

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