Public Face

sometimes I feel this is too true…..

Different face for every occasion.

In front of other people I am OK and nothing is wrong.

In bed I cry and let out the tears that have been here all along.

I don’t want to be questioned or pitied.

My mask is my armor and it protects.

To let my true self out is an act of destruction,

from which there will be no resurrection.


8 thoughts on “Public Face

  1. PoojaG says:

    According to certain psychology we all have four aspects in our personalities- the aspect we show when we’re with other people, the aspect we have when we’re alone, the aspect of us that others see but we don’t and lastly the unconscious aspect that’s a part of us that neither us or the people around us can see. Usually each of them tend to be very differently and very often we are fueled by the unconscious part of our personality which is why we feel depressed when we’re supposed to be happy and other contradictory feelings. And for the sake of our survival we can’t show the people around us the personality we are when we’re alone because it would ruin our ‘reputation’ which is why we hide our true selves. It’s just human nature to pretend to be happy when you’re not because people expect you to be happy.

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  2. themaximoblog says:

    This is so deep and meaningful – I often feel like I adjust how I act depending on my company, so I think we’re always putting on a bit of a show for others, until we’re with those we feel truely comfortable around, when we can be ourselves 🙂

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