Confidence~A Letter to Everyone

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We’re all humans, and we all have flaws.

We all have anxieties and moments.

We all cry ourselves to sleep at least once in our lives.

But the worst thing we lack; confidence.

We’re terrified and like limp spagetti.

I understand you and I can relate,

for I am not so confident myself.

We always forget how smart and beautiful we are,

and we give in to those demons.

They whisper how ugly and stupid we are,

and we believe them.

It’s hard not to, it’s hard to keep believing in ourselves.

But if we remember our beautiful parts,

imagine how much confidence we will restore,

and how much easier our lives will be.

How much braver and louder our voices will ring.

Tell those little demons to go to hell,


the inkgirl


Dear followers and just people in general,

I know how it feels to lack confidence and it sucks. You want to do something but then those little voices in your mind whisper that you will make a fool of yourself or that you are dumb and to sit down and shut up.

We all have to learn how to tell those voices to shut up. And then to push yourself to do what you want to.Because you can’t live by sitting down and being quiet. You can’t live by staying in your room and doing nothing.

So if you have these little fears, then I encourage you to do something out of your comfort zone. Star a YouTube Channel. Join a Speaking club. Start a blog. Be in a theater group. Whatever you want to do! These are just examples of things that helped me become more confident in me.

Take a little step to being confident. Be you and tell those voices to SHUT UP.

Love to all you beautiful people out there,

Leo ❤ ❤ ❤

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10 thoughts on “Confidence~A Letter to Everyone

  1. PoojaG says:

    Yeah for sure we all have those moments where we hate ourselves and we hate our lives but those are just momentary. Nothing in life is ever permanent and nothing in life ever remains the same (it would be so boring if it did!). We need to face our demons head on even when we don’t have the strength to and even when we want to give up.

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