Favorite Things About Writing!

  • Describing scenes and landscapes. I love describing and seeing what words I can use.
  • Writing characters. I love creating characters so much. I love giving them their own personality and originality. I also love describing them physically and trying to keep my characters diverse and un-stereotypical.
  • Naming characters. I love naming characters so much, names are really fun.
  • THOSE BURSTS OF INSPIRATION!!! One of the best things about writing is when you get those bursts of inpiration and you feel you could write a thousand pages. Sadly these don’t last forever, or else I might have my book done by now!
  • The power over my works. Now you’re going to think that I am a crazy power hungry maniac. No I am not. I just like having that power over my works and babies (characters I mean) and I can protect them or brutally kill them. I’m mean, I know. But…killing characters is strangely satisfying…and then you feel like a horrible person.
  • Just the process in general. There are many reasons I love writing but I just love it because it calls to me. I like stringing the words together to form sentences, I like how soothing it is. I love how I have something that I love to do and want to do the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading this quick and pretty random post. These aren’t all the things I love about writing, but they are the main things. ‚̧

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