What if they know?

She feels it thrumming ‘neath her skin.
There’s something about secrets when
you keep them locked within.
They bite into your bones and fill your
veins with acid. They steal the air right from
your lungs, they make your mind turn rancid.
Your words grow clipped, your eyes suspicious,
you think of nothing other than this tumor
you keep inside. Tremble, bite a nail, glance behind.
What if they know? What if they know? 

4 thoughts on “What if they know?

  1. Alan says:

    This is a good poem about the guilt and fear of hiding information. I have written a poem called “The Two Conspiracies” about covert and overt groups. I haven’t published it on my bog yet, but I’ll share one stanza to give you an idea of how it relates to your poem.

    Of conspiracies, there are two kinds
    Two ways to form a union of the minds
    The first seeks to unite in opposition
    This type seeks to further its position
    At the expense of those who are outside
    And seeks its purpose to stealthily hide

    The second kind of “conspiracy” is one that seeks to unite ALL and not just the people in a secret, limited group. This “overt conspiracy” is similar to spiritual union or oneness, which I believe is our source and goal.

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