In honor of Pierre

Death. Never expected.
A thief we never catch.
Giggling to himself, he
snaps our hearts in two
and takes those we love
to some far-off land
and leaves their shells
to torment us with the
sight of their blank eyes.

On April 26th my cat, Pierre, was hit by a car and killed. I will miss and love him forever and every time I realize anew that he is no longer here my stomach plummets. Death is fickle and unexpected and I would encourage you to spend as much time with your pets as you can because you never know when they’ll be gone. 


8 thoughts on “In honor of Pierre

  1. PoojaG says:

    So sorry again about his death. It’s very sad whenever someone we love passes away but at least he was a part of your life for a while and I’m sure he loved you very much too.

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