Burning puppet

Take my arms
and take my hands.
And hold me up
or pull me down.
Make me dance,
around, around.
Tie the strings
about my wrists.
And cage me in,
yes, cage me in.
A doll I am,
a puppet girl.
Stuffed with straw,
with hair of gold.
With eyes of night,
and stitched in mouth.
But straw can burn
and hands can shout.
Flames, too, take me
against my will.
And make me twist
and twirl around.
But I’ll take you with me.
And we can be, two piles of ash
on the cold, dead ground.

This is a bit of an odd one, and I’m not too impressed with it but I thought I’d share it anyway. You can find the imageΒ HERE

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