Dragon Fire

Image result for dragon flying and breathing fire

In my dreams,
I open my mouth and let it
slip out.

In my wake,
I leave pillars of ash.
Men who have been transformed
and now will be forgotten
as soon as the wind begins to gust.

As night falls,
I fill the sky, rivaling the
light of the stars,
slipping past on unseen wings.

Ah, what is the point
of dreaming?

Nothing good ever comes
when humans play with fire.
I can vouch for this.
If my maw were filled with flame,
nothing could stop me from
burning the world to the ground.
Doling out crime disguised as justice.

Humans are always more righteous
than they have right to be.
The world is not mine, not yours, not ours to burn.
But if that is true,
why are we always on fire?

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