Sickened By Perfection Because I’m Only Human


I feel my throat in a way I never had before.

For the first time aware that it is there.

I can’t swallow, can’t talk higher than a croak.

A mouse could be more confident than me

At conversation when in your presence.

When I see your eyes fall into mine,

From across the room, 

As you start to make your way through the crowd,

Slipping past bodies to get to me,

I feel as if my lunch will fly up my esophagus,

Or my head will burst from dull, pounding pain,

Or my body will shiver itself into oblivion.

I feel every illness, every moment of nausea

I can remember from my earliest days.

It’s not that you are cruel, 

You are prince charming in every way possible.

A person who has been elevated to god status.

But I need someone who makes me comfortable,

Not wretched when I mess up because you never seem to. 

I need someone who won’t act as if they’ve never

Experienced embarrassment or cried themselves to sleep.

So I think I’ll avoid you because you give me the flu.

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I wasn’t sure about posting this one but in the end I decided to do it. It’s not one of my best pieces but it does speak to me in some odd way. I could never be with someone so perfect because of what a flawed person I am and this is pretty much what this poem is about. Enjoy XX (And in the end, the more I read through this poem, the more I realize that I do enjoy and like it!) 

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