How’s the book coming? (Plus a poll about the cover)

Read the First and Second posts on my current project (a poetry collection) to get more background info on what I am talking about in this post! If you aren’t interested in that here’s a brief summary: A few months ago I started a poetry collection called “Humans Playing God” which focuses on the cruelty and horror of humanity.

Before you go on to the post, I’d really appreciate if you let me know your opinion in this poll! Personally I am thinking black but I don’t know if that would be too plain/basic. (By the way, it won’t be just one color! It will have other designs, I’m just trying to figure out what the main color should be!)

So, how is the book coming?

Hmmm, I’ve hit a few snags if I’m to be honest with you!

It’s been a bit hard to write poetry in HPG lately, though I think I’ve added 10 since my last update post (one of which is one of my favorite poems I’ve ever written). I just haven’t been feeling as inspired, though I do still try and write!

Because I wasn’t feeling too creative I tried to start formatting the book in a Word document but that really didn’t work out. It was all wonky and just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do! So I paused that part of the project for the moment. I might end up hiring someone to format it because I am literally at my wit’s end. (Something about formatting poetry is so difficult! I’ve formatted a fiction book before and it seems fine BUT POETRY ahhh. Very frustrating!)

Lately, I am trying to fix spelling mistakes (there aren’t too many) and I am going to fix the fact that there is an abundance of capitals in the document. Literally every line starts with a capital because Google docs changes it that way, even if they aren’t the beginning of a sentence. Gosh, it’s kind of annoying!

I really want to publish it this summer or fall but I’m feeling kind of anxious about all the technical details. Plus I need to figure out a cover design and probably hire someone so that it looks professional. AND I have to decide on the order of the poems. AND I have to decide which poems to keep or get rid of (most will be kept, but a few might have to go haha). So, like, there is lots of work to be done! But my goal is to have it done by the end of summer. Let’s see if I can do it!

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