Poem book progress

So, I’m writing a poetry book. Some of you might be aware of this and some might not be. I did write a few other posts on this topic a while back.

Just wanted to let you know that the draft is pretty much done. I don’t think I will be adding any more poems (unless I really get inspired to write one) and instead will be focusing on editing the ones I have. I’m not sure but I might have around 110-115 poems in the book, which in my opinion is a good length!

I wanted to publish it this fall but I think I will do it in Spring 2021 (hopefully!) because I still need to edit, find someone to create a cover for it, and format it. I don’t want to rush the process. Plus, Spring is my favorite season so I would love to publish my book then!

Anyway, I will keep working on it this winter and maybe start writing poem book 2.0, if I can figure out a theme for it! It’s been a joy to write HPG and I can’t wait for it to come out.

xx, the inkgirl

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