Hi, My name is Leo or just the Inkgirl.

I am aĀ 13 year old girl who loves writing, especially longer stories/books and poetry. I also love to read, especially Fantasy books and YA although I enjoy a lot of different genres. I also love badass and awesome female characters. Some more activities I enjoy are theater, singing, sometimes baking and drawing, as well as just chilling with my close friends. (And family when they are not annoying!)

I am homeschooled, live on a farm in the middle of the middle of nowhere and play the piano and the flute. I also am a YouTuber (My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkhHM277Sv3R4n7i-NVH6Yw ) and am a HUGE fangirl.

I identify as an asexual.

I love writing poetry, which is the main theme of this blog. I suck at writing short stories(until I actually write a good one!)…..so don’t expect to see many on here šŸ˜€

Oh and before I forget, here are some links to my friends’ blogs. They are all awesome and amazing people and bloggers, please check them out!!!!



Luna Moon