Death is the Only God

Death is the only god that
gives us proof of his existence.
Death is the only god that
is in any way consistent.
Death is the only god that
listens to our prayers.
Death is the only god that
doesn’t pretend to care.

I’m actually very proud of how this one turned out. I’ve been experimenting with traditional style poetry lately, and I love the end results. I still love well-written modern poetry, but there’s something about a good ol’ fashioned poem that just enchants me. Enjoy. XX 

Prodigies of Pain

Why is it that the only talent,

we are all born with

is the innate ability

to cause pain.

It can lie hidden for years,

or allow itself to be coaxed out

by circumstances.

We are all convinced

of our humanity, our goodness,

we tell ourselves that our gods

are on our side.

But didn’t all conquerors and kings

think the same?