Defend yourself


Don’t be the carpet

That people walk all over.

Don’t let them spread their grime

Upon your entire surface.

Enlist the help of a friendly poltergeist

And rip yourself from under their feet.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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Honestly, this one really isn’t one I am very proud of, but I thought it’s better to post something average than nothing at all! Also, I wanted to explain why I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve really been trying to work on my poem book. 🙂

Reservoir of inspiration


Where does inspiration come from?
Is there reservoir within each of us
full of that fleeting feeling
when everything is right and
words and art flow from our fingers?
If that is true, there are those of us
whose lakes are barren and dry,
cruelty having drained them
of everything good that comes
with being a living, breathing human being.
But then I look around and see
those who are the exact opposite.
Their souls overflow, love and kindness,
like a crystalline, sparkling waterfall,
and everything they touch
is turned golden and beautiful.
But most people are somewhere
in the middle. Flashes come and go,
of true beauty and terrible evil,
mixing together to form an average person,
reservoir not too full and neither entirely empty.

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Darkness in a deep blue cup

A Poem about Self-Love 

Darkness in a deep blue cup,
come on now, sip it up.
Gulp it down, feel it fill
you with hopelessness
a disease which will not leave until,
you stop force feeding yourself
that inky darkness in a deep blue mug.

Manmade Miracles

She makes her own miracles.

She answers her own prayers.

No God broke her manacles,

no angels dressed her in liberty,

or crowned her with divinity.

Manna didn’t come down from heaven.

Nor water from the rock.

All her miracles are manmade,

created and manufactured

by her own determination.








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Never depend on anyone for your happiness.

Being independent is more than being strong or being single.

It means that if you cannot satisfy yourself.

Then you are not independent, because you rely on others,

to make your life worth living.

Ocean Waves

Image result for ocean waves and girl abstract art

She watches the ocean waves,

she wants them to wash her clean.

Wash them all clean; everyone.

If they could just flood the earth,

wipe the dirty off the world and leave the clean.

Sweep away the blood and pain.

Maybe they could start anew?

Or would they go back to the hate,

the anger and the shit she has to deal with now?

“Heal us,” she begs to the blue water.

“Heal yourselves,” it whispers back.