Two canoes


They started drifting apart

like two canoes

on a great big ocean

of everyone else.

Neither can tell

who let go first

and neither is willing

to swim to the other.

They used to be

in the same boat,

each with one paddle.

They used to be in sync,

a rhythm all their own.

It’s odd how effortlessly

an inseparable pair

can bud into two individuals

who just don’t care anymore.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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Grief and mascara smudges


Mascara smudges
under red-rimmed eyes
where tears dripped
and burned
as I scribbled on my palm
sonnets of loss and grief.

Why is existence so precarious
as if every moment is spent
standing on a crumbling bridge
or beneath a burning roof?

I wished the world to stop turning
but life kept on moving
so I learned to move on
but still
I didn’t laugh for
quite a while after.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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This is a poem about grief and losing those you love, whether it’s because of death or because they break your heart or get tired of you or just because you drift apart. Hope you all are doing well! XO, the inkgirl