Her own gravity


She used to be held down

But is no longer.

There is something

Curious about disconnect

From what you thought

Was holding you to earth.

Shock accompanies the loss 

Of gravity and it feels as

If you will never stop going up.

Though someday you must,

Someday you must learn to 

Anchor yourself and not rely

On others to keep you on your feet.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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Paper world


Her world is a fragile, paper one.

It could blow away 

In one gust of air.

It could disintegrate into ash

With the introduction of one lit match. 

It is as unsteady as a house

Built from autumn leaves.

But despite all its flaws,

it is the only world she has.  

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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If ever they all flew free


I am sitting and the birds won’t be quiet.
I am sitting and the sun won’t stop rising.
I am sitting and my thoughts won’t stop churning.
I am sitting and wondering, does it ever stop.
Even when I am six feet under, the sun will
just keep rising and birds will keep on trilling.
Some say the end is near and others call it far,
but I find that hard to believe. The earth will
always be here, it’s us I’m worried about.
Human skin is paper, burnable, able to char,
but it won’t be a comet that gets us, or the
fires of an angry god. We will get ourselves,
we’ve created enough weapons to manage
an ever-burning inferno, if ever they all flew free.

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Maps to all the wrong places


The maps show roads
And winding rivers
And mountains
Tall as can be.
They show boundaries
And countries
And capitals.
But none of them
Ever show her the road to
The most important
Place of all.

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