Sit and stare

I sit and stare
and it’s not enough
for me.

I sit and stare
and wonder
is this all that life
can be.

I sit and stare
and think about
how people can

I sit and stare
and imagine
the world if
you were still here.

I sit and stare
and realize that a
tear has run down
my cheek.

I stand up and run,
getting away
from my grief.

Sitting and staring
and thinking
this is all that I do
in my week.

Avoiding and
that is what I do
when I begin to feel.

Copyright 2020 Leona Petrovic

Water worries

Sometimes my worries
nibble like minnows at my toes
and sometimes they are sharks,
gnawing at my flesh and bones.

I can never leave the lake
the ocean or the sea.
I am always in the water,
it is a prison-cell to me.

Will I ever reach the other side?
Will I ever gain pure serenity?
My muscles cramp and ache,
my skin puckers, octopus-like for eternity.

Poem Copyright 2020 Leona Petrovic

Too late

She clutches
the flower,
palm sweaty,
holding tight.
By the time
she realizes
she can let go
the blood of the
crushed petals
has already
stained her skin.
It is too late, she
cannot undo what
has been done.
The past is solid,
set in stone.
You can’t change it,
leave it alone.
The only thing that
can be done
is to try to untangle
your choices,
one by one.

Copyright 2020 Leona Petrovic


Some people look at their fellow humans
And see only toy soldiers to be maneuvered
Or pets to be leashes and controlled.
And some see lollipops,
There to be slowly eroded
By a persistent tongue
Until only the spine is left
Which sometimes starts
To dissolve and break apart as well,
Victim of the corrosive spittle
Coating tongue and lips and teeth.
There is more than one way
To skin a human being.
Sharp knives are effective but messy,
But sharp words don’t leave blood
And they can kill with the same precision.

Copyright Leona Petrovic 2020

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Will I die alone, my love?

Will I die alone, my love?

No one wants to die alone, my love. 
Hold my hand 
Through sickness and through health.
But you are just a phantom
In my frightened mind.
My imperfection holds me back
From making you a reality.
I’ve watched too many relationships
Plummet and burn.
I’m afraid I won’t be able do even one thing right,
The most important thing of all,
Keeping the one I love happy enough to stay.

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Two canoes


They started drifting apart

like two canoes

on a great big ocean

of everyone else.

Neither can tell

who let go first

and neither is willing

to swim to the other.

They used to be

in the same boat,

each with one paddle.

They used to be in sync,

a rhythm all their own.

It’s odd how effortlessly

an inseparable pair

can bud into two individuals

who just don’t care anymore.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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Paper world


Her world is a fragile, paper one.

It could blow away 

In one gust of air.

It could disintegrate into ash

With the introduction of one lit match. 

It is as unsteady as a house

Built from autumn leaves.

But despite all its flaws,

it is the only world she has.  

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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Their voices turn to a background hum,
A mindless noise.
The words lose their value,
Nothing but
The buzzing of flies against a windowpane.
She closes her eyes,
Lets the meaningless prattle
Lull her to sleep.
She’ll wake up when
Something worthwhile is said.
She’ll be asleep for a million years.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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