Her own gravity


She used to be held down

But is no longer.

There is something

Curious about disconnect

From what you thought

Was holding you to earth.

Shock accompanies the loss 

Of gravity and it feels as

If you will never stop going up.

Though someday you must,

Someday you must learn to 

Anchor yourself and not rely

On others to keep you on your feet.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

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Maps to all the wrong places


The maps show roads
And winding rivers
And mountains
Tall as can be.
They show boundaries
And countries
And capitals.
But none of them
Ever show her the road to
The most important
Place of all.

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Darkness in a deep blue cup

A Poem about Self-Love 

Darkness in a deep blue cup,
come on now, sip it up.
Gulp it down, feel it fill
you with hopelessness
a disease which will not leave until,
you stop force feeding yourself
that inky darkness in a deep blue mug.