Making gods

Humanity’s legacy is death
though it should be life.
Someone, thousands of years ago,
molded himself a god.
No need to feel bad now,
no need to change.
No need to make an undue
effort to stop our legacy.
It’s all god’s will,
he preached,
accept the end.
And death is not the end,
there’s a thousand different
Filled with food
and drink and music.
And thanks to this genius,
life began to mean
less and less every day.
Why care about the life
you’ve been given
when there is a better one
waiting around the corner?
Sometimes she thinks
about the start of all the gods.
Why they were made
and who brought them to life.
And in the end all
she knows is that if
she was making a god
she would make it
to help herself
feel less like a failure
and morally superior
to all the fools who
do the things she doesn’t like.

Just a little think piece. I’m not saying that every religion is completely wrong or that they don’t have some good ideas. Just that sometimes, religions can do more harm than good. Sometimes making a god is not the right way to go. XX, the inkgirl

Copyright 2020 Leona Petrovic

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