10 of my favorite feelings tag

I would like to thank Pooja for nominating me to do this tag! I haven’t done a tag in a while so I’m pretty excited for this one! The rules are pretty easy: Simply list 10 of your favorite feelings.

Fulfilling my goals

This one is pretty broad but it’s one of the best feelings ever. No matter which goal it might be, whether it’s going for a run or figuring out a tricky math concept, it just feels so good to check it off my list.

Cuddling my cat

I did a few posts about losing my old kitty, Pierre, but this November I got a new one. While I still miss Pierre so much, Waffle (my new baby) has come to mean the world to me and I love sitting with him on my lap or holding and petting him.

Producing a poem I genuinely love

It’s hard for me to 100% satisfied with my work, but when I write a poem that I love right away it feels so good! Also, if I am writing a fictional story, being satisfied with parts of it also feels great!

Imagining the future

I know my future probably won’t be all butterflies and glitter but I still enjoy thinking, planning for and imagining the future. Sometimes it’s nice to get lost in a story where you’re the main character and you can control the story.

Reading a good book

Pooja did a similar one and I’ve got to agree. There is nothing better than falling into a good book. I love being so enthralled that I will happily sit for hours reading. I have been busier than I have been in the past this years, but I still make time for books.

Going on walks/runs

Honestly, is there anything better than going on a walk. Probably not. Runs come in close second, they’re harder but definitely worth it. But I really love taking walks, especially with friends or siblings along.


Lol, it sounds silly but I honestly really love the feeling of taking my room and turning it from a mess to a neat place. I used to be sort of a slob but I’ve definitely mended my ways. Plus, I’ve discovered I am sort of a minimalist and I love decluttering haha.


Sort of broad also but I LOVE traveling. Even if it just a week-long trip, it is still amazing. All the sitting can get irritating but when one gets to the destination it’s so worth it (and a lot of the times you experience some amazing things on the way there!)

Watching a good show

So, I’m not much of a movie/tv show person. Personally, I find mistakes, inconsistencies, and bad acting in movies very easily and if the plot is stupid I will just not enjoy myself. Plus, it’s really easy for me to tell when something is CGI and I hate it. TV shows are the same. BUT when I find one that I do like, it’s really fun to get into it. For example, Downton Abbey is one show I really enjoyed watching. The acting, set, costumes, script, stories, it’s all so good. It’s not my #1 favorite show, but it is one of the top 3!

Learning things I’m interested in

I’m a total Ravenclaw (well, also Slytherin a bit) but mainly Ravenclaw, so I love learning about things that interest me! Yes, certain subjects in school bore me, but the ones that don’t are just a joy to learn about and I also like learning on my own, usually by reading non fiction books. Some subjects I really love are alternative history narratives, anything about ancient history, a lot about science, and sometimes even politics!

So this is the end! I hope you enjoyed this tag.

I tag anyone who is interested in doing this to give it a go! Seriously, don’t be shy, go ahead and make your own post. (I would tag individual people but I don’t really have the time at the moment.)

Thanks for reading ❤

Defend yourself


Don’t be the carpet

That people walk all over.

Don’t let them spread their grime

Upon your entire surface.

Enlist the help of a friendly poltergeist

And rip yourself from under their feet.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

Image Credit Here

Honestly, this one really isn’t one I am very proud of, but I thought it’s better to post something average than nothing at all! Also, I wanted to explain why I haven’t been posting as much, I’ve really been trying to work on my poem book. 🙂

Pluviophile therapy


When I have trouble sleeping
I hope for the rain
a stable thing in my busy life
my worried mind
and for a few hours the
all slip away
to stay like this forever
I would let lightning strike me
the peace the rain brings
is the perfect therapy

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

Image credit here

Two canoes


They started drifting apart

like two canoes

on a great big ocean

of everyone else.

Neither can tell

who let go first

and neither is willing

to swim to the other.

They used to be

in the same boat,

each with one paddle.

They used to be in sync,

a rhythm all their own.

It’s odd how effortlessly

an inseparable pair

can bud into two individuals

who just don’t care anymore.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

Image Credit Here

Grief and mascara smudges


Mascara smudges
under red-rimmed eyes
where tears dripped
and burned
as I scribbled on my palm
sonnets of loss and grief.

Why is existence so precarious
as if every moment is spent
standing on a crumbling bridge
or beneath a burning roof?

I wished the world to stop turning
but life kept on moving
so I learned to move on
but still
I didn’t laugh for
quite a while after.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

Image Credit Here

This is a poem about grief and losing those you love, whether it’s because of death or because they break your heart or get tired of you or just because you drift apart. Hope you all are doing well! XO, the inkgirl

How’s the book coming? (Plus a poll about the cover)

Read the First and Second posts on my current project (a poetry collection) to get more background info on what I am talking about in this post! If you aren’t interested in that here’s a brief summary: A few months ago I started a poetry collection called “Humans Playing God” which focuses on the cruelty and horror of humanity.

Before you go on to the post, I’d really appreciate if you let me know your opinion in this poll! Personally I am thinking black but I don’t know if that would be too plain/basic. (By the way, it won’t be just one color! It will have other designs, I’m just trying to figure out what the main color should be!)

So, how is the book coming?

Hmmm, I’ve hit a few snags if I’m to be honest with you!

It’s been a bit hard to write poetry in HPG lately, though I think I’ve added 10 since my last update post (one of which is one of my favorite poems I’ve ever written). I just haven’t been feeling as inspired, though I do still try and write!

Because I wasn’t feeling too creative I tried to start formatting the book in a Word document but that really didn’t work out. It was all wonky and just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do! So I paused that part of the project for the moment. I might end up hiring someone to format it because I am literally at my wit’s end. (Something about formatting poetry is so difficult! I’ve formatted a fiction book before and it seems fine BUT POETRY ahhh. Very frustrating!)

Lately, I am trying to fix spelling mistakes (there aren’t too many) and I am going to fix the fact that there is an abundance of capitals in the document. Literally every line starts with a capital because Google docs changes it that way, even if they aren’t the beginning of a sentence. Gosh, it’s kind of annoying!

I really want to publish it this summer or fall but I’m feeling kind of anxious about all the technical details. Plus I need to figure out a cover design and probably hire someone so that it looks professional. AND I have to decide on the order of the poems. AND I have to decide which poems to keep or get rid of (most will be kept, but a few might have to go haha). So, like, there is lots of work to be done! But my goal is to have it done by the end of summer. Let’s see if I can do it!

Crimson Skins by Devika Mathur REVIEW

I was given a free document of this book in exchange for a review. That has in no way influence my opinions on the book!

RATING: 3.75/5 stars


Crimson Skins is a collection of poetry written by Devika Mathur. You can find her blogging at My Valiant Souls. Check out her website for more information about her upcoming book as well to get an example of her work!

I personally found Crimson Skins to be a very interesting collection of poetry. It is very unique and focuses more on words and using language to evoke emotions. My one big problem is that sometimes I found it a little unclear what certain poems were trying to say, but again, I think the point of the book is less on meaning and more on language. And the language was really beauitful! Devika Mathur is a great writer.

My favorite poems were Floral, Conjunction of Lovers, Silhouette, A Surgery, A Maniac, Beneath, A Thing about winters, Winter trees,  and A buzz in mind. But there were tons of other really good and interesting ones. There were a few that I didn’t enjoy as much but usually that is true with most poetry books I read!

One of the best things about this book in my opinion, is the fact that it is mostly poetry. There are very few passages of prose. Some people can pull off prose BUT overall when I read poetry books I want lots of poems, and Devika Mathur definitely delivered in that regard. There are probably about 100 poems in the book. And about 4 or 5 passages of prose.

Overall, I would recommend Crimson Skins to those who like poetry that focuses more on words, language and evoking emotions. It was a very good collection, and I got into it very easily and really flew through it!

Remember, go check out Devika Mathur’s website/blog to learn more about Crimson Skins and to see some of the author’s other works of poetry!


Many types of armor


Armor doesn’t always
have to be made of metal.
I wear this hoodie like
protection from your
judgmental stares.
I read these books to
save myself from the sadness
in my own life, my own world.
I write to get these turbulent
thoughts out of my head.
No, armor is not just chainmail,
it’s anything that protects you
from hurt, external and internal.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

Image Credit HERE

Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts REVIEW


I love to spread the word about under the radar books and poetry collections so when the author of this book offered me a PDF in exchange for a review I was super excited. Originally my review was only posted on my Goodreads page but I’m making a blog post for it because I really loved the book and hope for some of you fellow poetry lovers to check it out!

MY RATING: 5/5 stars


If you are a lover of poetry, add this collection to your TBR. It was one of the best collections I have ever read. “Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts” is a very personal and emotion-invoking book. It includes many beautiful poems as well as passages of prose and shorter quotes. Usually I am not too big on prose passages or quotes being included in poetry books but I felt with this book there was a nice balance between all aspects of the book and I really enjoyed reading both the poems AND all the others passages.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review and I would just like to thank the author for giving me that chance. (My review is 100% honest and unbiased, for anyone who is wondering.) The minute I began the book I really felt a kinship with the words in it. I think I enjoyed the first half of the book more but they were both beautiful and definitely deserve to be read. Samira Vivette has a way with words most popular poets never will. Don’t go and read “Milk and Honey” or “The Dark Between Stars,” pick up this underrated and marvelous book instead!

If you are interested in supporting Miss Samira Vivette you can find “Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts” on Amazon!



Solitude lets me breath


People often say that
being alone
is something negative,
as if they can’t stand
the thought of you
functioning without them.
But their intervention
has led to more pain
than solitude ever could
and if they truly loved you,
they wouldn’t mind if
you longed for a few moments
of quiet breathing and calm thoughts.

© 2020 Leona Petrovic

Image Credit HERE