Hello, Howdy, Hi, I’M BACK.

Well I have been gone for a long time. BUT I AM FINALLY BACK AND WILL BE TRYING TO KEEP UP THIS BLOG.

It feels weirdly familiar but also very strange to be on this blog, to be writing this post.

My plan is to produce a minimum of 2 posts a month, HOPEFULLY MORE. I’ll still be writing poetry, but I also want to try out other stuff more like stories, and articles about writing and words.

Goodbye and thank you so much for reading this and sticking around while I’ve been on a really long holiday. (Hobbit reference, if any of you get it.)



Image result for girl jugglingabstract painting

So many things to do,

I never get any peace.

I’m always working,

juggling activities like oranges.

I never have time to relax.

But maybe I like it that way,

being busy keeps the demons at bay.


Direction this blog is going in (Minor changes)

Hey readers,

I’ve been thinking lately.

And I’ve decided there are going to be some (very) minor changes done to inkgirlwords.

I’m taking away Recent Reads. And Recent Reads just took so much time to write.

I won’t be posting my YouTube videos that often, unless I am super proud of the video or really want you all to see it. So if you want to keep watching my videos please subscribe HERE.

I am going to be focusing my blog on poems and stories with articles scattered in there on inspirational and other topics, like writing. I really, really want to focus on this!

So yes, these are those minor changes I was talking about. inkgirlwords won’t be that different I swear. I am just sticking to the tagline more haha.

Thanks for reading, you are the best! ❤


Image result for vampire no blood abstract painting

You live off the blood pulsing in my veins.

You inhale my anger, dissapointment and pain.

You are the vampire and I am the food.

And when your fangs bite into my flesh,

I find I cannot fight, I’ve turned helpless.






Mind Garden

Image result for mind garden abstract painting

You try to plant poisonous flowers in my mind,

they may smell sweet but I know the death that’s inside.

I can’t keep up with weeding them out,

the seeds you spread grow and sprout all around.

My mind is consumed, I try to distance myself from you.

But it’s too late, now I am controlled and lifeless.

My mind garden a desolate wasteland of nightshade.

That one tree that survives against all odds, will be dead soon enough.


Image result for independent girl abstract painting

Never depend on anyone for your happiness.

Being independent is more than being strong or being single.

It means that if you cannot satisfy yourself.

Then you are not independent, because you rely on others,

to make your life worth living.

Love is not all

Image result for girl standing on a rock hands in the air abstract painting

To all the teens and adults who think

love is all that matters in life.

Who think that you can only be happy

if you’re dating some girl or boy.

Who believe a kiss is a magical antidote,

to sadness and any depression you feel.

I’m sorry to break it to you (actually I’m not),

but love is not all that can keep you happy.

Such a misconception, a wrong impression.

Life is a gift, you have passions and hobbies.

You have books and traveling and walks beneath the stars.

Don’t be obsessed with finding your soul mate.

They probably don’t exist, if you find someone kind,

someone caring, that’s enough.

Life is not a quest for romance, a search for your next date.

That’s not what it is about, remember that Love is not all.